Man-machine Synchronization
State-of-the-art AI And Technology
From Fantasy To Reality Brings Mecha Dreams ToLife


Shenzhen GJS Technology Co., LTD. is a leader in consumer battle robots and gaming robots. Since 2015, GJSROBOT has been developing state-of-the-art AI and technology to create advanced robots which surpasstheimagination. GJS is on the forefront of creating a new popular entertainment sport – Rsports – whichwill unite people around competitive battle robots.

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Biped Robot

In the era of iron and steel, in what form should humans and mecha coexist?......

GJS new experimental biped robot, first exposure video! The core playing method is large live sand table+tower defense game. The battle and battle of wits are imminent, waiting for you to win together!


The first consumer level fighting robot with "Man machine Synchronization" control technology senses the power attack with an original electronic scoring system, which can achieve accurate blood deduction of 0 to 1000 to create exclusive armor and upgrade the combat effectiveness of unique weapons, giving machine armor infinite possibilities for fighting!

GJS's children's robot sports experience park brand. The world's first consumer level competitive robot product, "Steel Riding Robot", is equipped with "Man machine Synchronization" motion and somatosensory control technology, bringing a super real experience scene of robot competition for children aged 4-12 and their families.

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