Fighting Robot


As the first generation product of GJS
GANKER successfully created a new category on the market - fighting robot

Diversified Weapons
Fighting Mode
Programming Skills
Motion Sensing
Manual Assembly
scoring system

The first generation of fighting robot / The future of fighting


GANKER History

May 2016 | Birth of GANKER;
July 2016 | GANKER succeeded in obtaining RMB 1 million crowdfunding on Indiegogo;
July 2016 | Youtube was rated as the top five adult men in the world who crave toys of the year;
November 2016 to present | Invited to log in to major TV stations and make appearances in Daily Planet of Bell Media and 《极客出发》 of CCTV;
September 2017 | GANKER became the only designated robot product in the primary school group of the World Robotics Congress.


GANKER Highlights

The original and cool appearanceof the GJS creates themostsci-fi metal robot shape in theworld
Give full play to the extreme performance of robot movement andbreak through the limit of robot movement
The sensing electronic integrationsystem subverts the traditional toyrobot experience


GANKER Selling Point

GANKER body 80% aluminum alloy creates the most metallic robot shape;
Open structure design, supporting DIY modeling and 3D printing of weapons/armor;
9+4 high-performance drive steering gear combination, Breaking through the limit of robot motion performance;
Innovative omnidirectional wheel structure enables 360 ° rapidmovement without dead angle;
Open weapon system, which can be used with weapons such as swords, spears and swords;
Sensors all over the body canonly be used in the competitive referee scoring system.

DIY Modification of Global Players