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Shenzhen GJS Technology Co., LTD. is a leader in consumer battle robots and gaming robots. Since 2015, GJSROBOT has been developing state-of-the-art AI and technology to create advanced robots which surpasstheimagination. GJS is on the forefront of creating a new popular entertainment sport – Rsports – whichwill unite people around competitive battle robots.

On April 25, 2019, GJS Robot launched GANKER EX, the world's first consumer battle robot equippedwithGJS’s patented "man-machine synchronization" technology.

Featuring a humanoid design and accurate space motion capture technology, GANKER EX has twocontrol modes: an intuitive joystick control mode and an advanced motion capture control mode - bothmadepossible by GJS’s revolutionary "man-machine synchronization" technology. Additionally, GANKEREX’s sunique electronic scoring system factors in real force to achieve precise HP deductions from0to1000degrees. Players are also able to upgrade their GANKER EX by creating custom armor and unique weapons-providing for infinite mecha battle possibilities.

Man-machine Synchronization
Control System 

Embedded Body Feeling
Joystick Control System

Stable Connection Signal

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Founder And Core Team

Li Zhaohong

Co CEO & Founder

Master of Business Administration, UST 
Years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence 
Build an innovation team from zero to one Responsible for the overall operation of the company

Zhao Junjian

CEO & Founder

Fighter robot developer and robot sports leader
Selected as 36Kr's "36 Great Entrepreneurs under the Age of 36"
Recognized as a high-level professional in Shenzhen

Cai Fen

Co Founder

Once worked for Air China
Have unique insights into business strategic planning
Leading important strategic resource cooperation



August, GJS was established.


July, The first fighting robot, GANKER, has successfully won millions of RMB crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

August, GJS won the Pre-A round of financing, led by Volcanics Venture, and followed by Haofang Venture Capital.

September, The GANKER fighting robot developed by the GJS was released and mass production was realized.


November, GJS completed a round A financing of tens of millions of RMB, and the investor is Tencent. 

November, The second fighting robot, GEIO, achieved a crowdfunding completion rate of over 300% and won the first prize in the category of KICKSTARTER robots.

December, The GJS released the fighting robot GEIO to achieve long-range shooting effect through infrared.


September, GJS obtained a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan led by GUANGKONG ZHONGYING CAPITAL, followed by Whales Capital and Volcanics Venture.


April, GJS officially released its third product, the GANKER EX fighting robot - the first consumer level competitive fighting robot with "Man-machine Synchronization" body feeling control technology

September, Dunshan Robot, a somatosensory fighting robot made by GJS and authorized by 《王者荣耀》, was officially launched.


May, GJS's new children's interactive experience project [Clever Artisan] was officially launched.


May, [Clever Artisan] Children's Robot Sports Experience Space has reached 300 nationwide.



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The company has gathered the top talents in the world's cutting-edge science and technology. Since its establishment, the company has continuously won many awards and authoritative certification at home and abroad.
With more than 1000 domestic patents, it is a leading high-tech enterprise in China.










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